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Back Pain and Symptoms

Stewart Chiropractic Center is a family-owned business by Dr. Jeffery D. Stewart and his wife Amy. We have over 30 years experience offering excellent chiropractic services for back pain. If you're interested in adopting a new lifestyle, Dr. Jeffery owned a gym for over 16 years, which means you can count on him to help you determine the workouts that will work best for you.
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Back pain treatment services

In-Office Testing and Spinal Scan

X-ray of chest and spine
At Stewart Chiropractic Center, we offer a variety of in-office testing facilities like digital x-rays, spinal nerve scan, spinal decompression and live blood microscopy. We also have a Surface EMG that uses infrared thermography to quickly scan your nervous system and show where your nerves are pinched.
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Live Blood Analysis

Depend on the professionals at Stewart Chiropractic Center analyze your blood for hidden diseases through live blood microscopy. We offer BioEnergetic medicines for a wide range of ailments and can also perform spinal decompression therapy. Visit us today to get a FREE consultation.
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Microscope and other apparatus
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